Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weekly Illustration - Zombie Attack.

OMG! Zombies! And they have garden tools!! Ahhhhh. The terror......I was so thrilled with the topic this week. Hey sloth, check out all those anatomically correct hands. ;)


Lalena said...

I thought I'd stalk you and see if you had a blog, and you do! Huzzah! You're my hero. Ok, enough creepy talk... your zombie illo is saaweeet, I mean nasty... nasty in that zombie creepo kinda way.

Sloth said...

wow one step at a time :), haha they're great, and I'm just bugging you about the hands i know you can draw em, :)

hows everything else going you holding up alright, moh hasn't excommunicated you yet ?

janis said...

moh loves us, he tells us everyday (even days he's not here he sends a group email) how we are his favorite class how he is going to miss us so much more than last years class......ok, he might hate us a litte bit cause we are always late for lifedrawing, but i'm sure he'll forgive us sometime.