Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Class Illustration #6 - "Before & After"

So, if anyone isn't already familiar with the whole geoduck story, in short, Meghan decided she wanted a pet geoduck last year after seeing how cute they were in a picture I showed her (a geoduck is a type of clam that bears a ridiculous resemblance to part of the male anatomy), so when I went back to Kyuquot for the summer, I got one off of the geoduckers (the guys who dive for the geoducks)and decided that it would be ok if I just sunk it off my dock for the remainder of the summer in a 5 gallon bucket/crate combo to keep it safe from the evil little sea otters. Anyway, as it turns out, not a good idea. I pulled the poor little guy up 8 weeks later and I'm pretty sure he had acquired some kind of skin disease, not to mention parasites, barnacles growing OUT OF HIS BODY, algae growths and looking pretty sad all around... So here is the before and after illustration of the poor little geoduck...I let him go by the way, so now he's probably going to spread his skin disease to all the healthy geoducks, deplete the geoduck population, put the geoduckers out of work, the Asian market is going to collapse and then there is going to be a huge war and we're all going to die because Meghan wanted an exotic pet. So, in short...blame meghan... :)




Felicia said...

Aww, I feel so sorry for him.


You are mean, Janis.

Meg Shaw said...

I agree with Felicia. You are mean.
Shame on you.

Donna Leong said...

O, I agree with them! You shouldn't torture the thing ! YOU SHOULD HAVE ATE IT RIGHT AWAY HA HA HA HA XD..
Nice drawing! I like the one with disease!

yums said...

Donna is so funny :D

janis said...

umm, i think you guys all missed the point I made about blaming Meghan. She was the demand, I was filling a niche. So there. ;)